Publishing an App on the Play Store Publishing an App on the Play Store

I recently published my first Android App on Google’s Play store, which you can find for free here. Below I’ve listed the steps I took to publish the app. Keep in mind that these steps are for publishing a free app on the Play store. You can find out information on monetizing your app here.

Steps to Publishing an Android App

Progard Tool Make runProguard ‘true’ file file

  1. In Android Studio deactivate logging and disable the debugging option before you build your application for release (more information:
    • Use Proguard tool -> go to build.gradle -> make runProguard ‘true’ -> rename getDefaultProguardFile to ‘proguard-android-optimize.txt’
    • In the file, copy and paste the following:-assumenosideeffects class android.util.Log { public static boolean isLoggable(java.lang.String, int); public static int v(...); public static int i(...); public static int w(...); public static int d(...); public static int e(...); }
  2. Building a Release Ready APK
    • In Android Studio, go to Build -> Generate Signed APK -> ‘Create new…’ Key store path (keep in mind that this will be the same to publish all subsequent apps under the same account, so make sure to store the key) -> choose ‘release’ type apk
    • This will create a release ready apk to upload to the Play store
  3. Google Play Developer Console (
    • Create account – it is $25 to create a publisher account (I believe this is a one time fee)
    • Complete your account information
    • Click on ‘+ Add new application’ button
    • Click on ‘Upload APK to production’ button
    • Complete the Store Listing (Icons)
    • Click on the ‘Ready to Publish’ button
    • Wait for about an hour, and your app should be on the Play store!
  4. Useful Resources